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Home Elevator Installation Process

vacuum elevator on the second floor of a home

Thinking about installing a home elevator? Below we share what happens with selection, purchase, and installation to prepare you to ask all the questions you need to before selecting your elevator type, options, and installation location.

Onsite Consultation

The first time you will meet your home elevator installation company, it will most likely be in your home during a free, no-obligation in-home elevator consultation. During this home visit, our certified aging-in-place specialists evaluate your home’s architecture and how you use your home’s space to suggest the best location(s) for installing a residential elevator. They also discuss your current and potential future mobility needs to help you choose the home elevator that is right for you.

Ride Before You Buy

Though this step is completely optional, we invite and encourage you to visit our Houston elevator showroom to ride the various types and models of elevators before your make your final decision.

Taking the time to compare residential elevators first-hand will ensure that you are making an informed choice and think of all your questions before your elevator is chosen.

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Residential Elevator Quote

Following the onsite elevator consultation, we prepare a detailed quote that includes all that is required to prepare your home from pre-construction to installation of your home elevator to helping you clearly understand how to use it and its safety features.

Schedule Installation

Undoubtedly, you will have questions after receiving the quote. We are available in our showroom, via email, or by phone to answer them. Once you are completely comfortable with your home elevator pricing [link], selection, and options, we will collect your down payment and order your elevator. We work with you to set a date for installing your new elevator in your home.

Pre-Installation Construction

Our licensed and bonded team of elevator construction experts arrive promptly on the scheduled day. They ensure the areas that will be affected by the pre-construction are cleared and protected from damage.

Pre-Construction for PVE Elevator Installation

Minimal construction is required for balcony-mounted PVE applications. This is where the elevator is installed in an open-air space, a multi-story area, indoor mezzanine, or a stairwell. The construction crew often creates a landing, platform, or walkway for ease of entry and exit for passengers. This pre-construction requirement covers the space between the elevator and balcony floor while ensuring stability as the Vacuum Elevator is attached to the structure on each level by means of a Balcony Band.

For through-floor applications involving the PVE elevator, the construction crew creates a through-floor round hole 2” inches greater than the exterior diameter of the PVE model purchased. Then they finish the hole with materials that match your existing trim, walls, and ceiling materials so looks like it has always been there.

A licensed electrician installs any circuits, outlets, and other electrical connection needs for your elevator.

Pre-Construction for Traditional Elevator Installation

The construction crew will create the elevator pit and shaft according to the architectural drawings and elevator model specifications. This will include the reinforced columns that the elevator rails will be installed upon for the elevator to travel its vertical path.

Where possible prior to installation of your traction or hydraulic home elevator unit, the visible shaft exterior with materials that match your home’s décor. And, if necessary, such as for glass home elevators, the shaft interior is finished with drywall or appropriate material.

A licensed electrician installs any circuits, outlets, and other electrical connection needs for your elevator.

Home Elevator Installation

PVE Elevator Installation

Your PVE elevator is carefully uncrated. As the elevator is delivered in modular sections, our experienced vacuum elevator installers carry the section into your home and rest them on the base of your first floor. The modular sections are then hoisted up and stacked on-top of each other. The machinery is mounted and connected to the 220-volt power supply.

The elevator installers fully test your elevator’s operation and features prior to turning the elevator over to the homeowner.

The pre-construction and PVE elevator installation generally require a combined 2-3 days.

Traditional Elevator Installation

Your hydraulic or traction elevator is uncrated and inspected. Then the brackets are installed at the top and bottom of the hoistway and at intervals along the vertical supports. Then the vertical track rails are attached to the brackets.

The car is mounted on the track and, if applicable, any motor that is separate from the car is mounted. Then the assembly is electrified so that the elevator technicians can adjust the elevator car’s landing positions.

The elevator installers fully test your elevator’s operation and features.

The pre-construction and traction or hydraulic elevator installation generally requires a week to 10 days, but is highly variable depending on your home’s architecture and where the shaft is installed.


Your home elevator project manager walks you through the operation and safety features of your newly installed home elevator. Before we leave, our team ensures you are happy and can confidently use the elevator.

Home Elevator of Houston is just a call away if you have questions or require repair or service needed for any elevator we install.

PVE Elevator Post-Installation

Elevator service is rarely needed on PVE elevators and minimal maintenance is required. PVE elevators do not require annual maintenance like other types of residential elevators. There are no lubricants, oils, or gases required. Only a quick replacement of the main seal is required about every five years or 15,000 lifts. You can count on our certified elevator technicians to repair and maintain your elevator.

Traditional Elevator Post-Installation

Our trained elevator technicians offer all the regular elevator maintenance and repair services you need for any traction or hydraulic elevator installed by us.

Traditional Elevator Post-Installation

We look forward to an invitation to your home to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote as well as answer all your questions about how the home elevator installation process is completed. Let our certified aging-in-place specialists help you increase the safety in your home to serve your mobility needs today and in the future. Call (713) 360 7353.

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