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In-Home Consultations for Residential Elevators

options for residential elevators

Our sales staff and installation crews wear masks when inside your home and take safety precautions very seriously.

Your In-Home Elevator Consultation

For accurate pricing, we must visit your home to complete a site evaluation. This is similar to other trades. Roof inspectors must visit your house to inspect the roof for the cause of a leak to provide a quote, your plumber must visit to identify the problem to accurately price the fix, and a painter must visit to ensure the right materials and quantities are included in the offer.

Sure, these providers can offer ranged pricing, but like us, they require a visit to see the exact situation to create a quote with any certainty and to explain all your options that affect the final costs.

It is the same with residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, and other mobility solutions that require construction and complex assembly with your safety in mind. While we can give you a range of prices of home elevators, but to tell you if you are at the top of the range or bottom of the range requires an in-home visit.

savaria traction elevator cab in white with black trim and gate
custom oak panels in a residential elevator

Your Home Elevator Quote

We will look at your home’s architecture as well as talk with you about how you will use the elevator now and in the future. For example, no one wants to think about having to adapt to using a wheelchair permanently, but a good time to consider the risks of that is when installing an elevator. A little more investment can ensure that your home elevator will serve your future mobility needs.

Now that we have explained the necessity of visiting with you in your home, we will share details about how the appointment will go.

  • Set your in-home elevator consultation appointment with us, plan on 30 – 60 minutes.
  • On day of the appointment, one of our mobility experts will arrive promptly.
  • We ask you questions about what your needs are and what they may be in the future. We consider the number of people in the household, frequency of visitors, age and health of residents, etc.
  • We evaluate the home’s interior and exterior structure looking for best installation locations and challenges.
  • We make notes of the materials that must be procured and installed for your elevator installation as this affects your final price. For example, adding an external shaft clad in brick to match your home’s brick is more expensive than cladding the new shaft in Hardiplank.
  • We discuss the options that fit your home:
    • Why an elevator type/model will or will not work
    • Best locations for installation
    • Modifications to the home required for installation
    • General comparative costs if more than one option or installation location suits the home.
  • We will explain different gate options and finish options (from beautiful economical standard finishes to more luxury options such as hand-crafted wood moldings). We will help you select options that will look great in your home and can even match tones you already have in your home.
  • After our visit, we will email you a proposal with the home elevator options you selected and services needed such as planning and design, shaft and pit construction, elevator purchase, and installation including electrical, framing, and finishing, permitting, and inspection attendance.
  • We will ensure you received the proposal, but otherwise will not call, email, or otherwise “bother” you. Then we eagerly wait to hear from you expecting follow-up conversations after you review the quote and scope of the project in detail.
  • When you give us the go-ahead, we schedule your home elevator installation project at a time that is convenient for you.

Get started by setting your free in-home, no-obligation appointment today.

Make a convenient in-home appointment with one of our certified aging-in-place specialists to discover if a lower cost elevator with faster installation makes sense for you and your home. Call (713) 360 7353.

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