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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts (VPL) for your commercial or retail building not only meet ADA requirements, but improves access to people of all abilities. This is good for your tenants and your visitors. goal. VPLs are popular mobility solutions for schools, malls and other retail stores, restaurants, theaters, and public buildings. We also offer VPLs as residential wheelchair lift options.

At Home Elevator of Houston, our mobility experts, project managers, and construction teams understand the importance of ADA Compliance. We offer vertical platform lifts and commercial inclined platform lifts (IPL) (NOTE: IPLs are currently unavailable) that both meet ADA requirements. Our team is well-trained and has decades of experience in helping businesses meet ADA code requirements as well as offer their visitors a comfortable, safe experience.

Vertical platform lifts can be installed outdoors or indoors with options to make them comfortable and suit your architecture.

Talk with our Vertical Platform Lift Experts for Your Project

Visit our wheelchair lift and elevator showroom or invite our certified aging-in-place specialists to discover the benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift for your home, office, school, or retail building. Call us at (713) 360-7353 with all your mobility and accessibility questions.

custom ada wheelchairlift with mahogany surround and glass door

Features of Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

savaria m2 model vertical platform lift

We offer custom colors to blend your VPL into your existing architecture. A variety of doors and gates ranging from aluminum and Plexiglas to fire-rated doors are available.

Our high quality VPL installations are versatile and can be installed indoors or outdoors. We have models that can lift from a few inches up to 23’ of vertical travel. Our VPL solutions are safe, reliable, and easy to operate. Ergonomic controls enable confident and capable use by people with limited strength, physical impairment, or other difficulty pressing buttons.

Most of our VPL solutions have a 750 lb. carrying capacity for people, wheelchairs including powerchairs, and other mobility equipment. We do have options with enclosed cab interiors that feel more like a traditional elevator that accommodate higher capacities.

We Know ADA Compliance

Architects, commercial building contractors, and building owners trust our experienced commercial accessibility experts to determine the best platform lift model or models in the case of multiple access points in building projects. Call us at (713) 360-7353.

Benefits of Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Welcomes people of all abilities to visit your tenants which is good for your business
  • Takes up less space than a ramp
  • Is more convenient for your building’s visitors
  • Is a safer option than ramps
  • Cost Saving alternative in comparison to a commercial elevator.
  • Space requirements are smaller than a commercial elevator.
  • Preparatory work prior to installation is minimal.
  • Easy to use – simple instructions in order to move up or down.
  • Security – enclosed platform.
  • Durable finishes and construction ensure long-lasting outdoor applications
  • Meets ADA compliance
enclosed vertical platform lift in a shaftway for higher travel distances

VPL Options Based on Height of Travel

Vertical platform lifts are an affordable accessibility choice and great alternative when travel distance is less than 15 feet (depending on application) and floor penetration is an issue in your building. There are shaftway VPL models that can be completely enclosed (much like an elevator) top to bottom or it can be open at the top landing.

When travel distance between levels is greater than 6’, we recommend an enclosed VPL installation like shown in the picture to enhance the rider’s sense of security and comfort. Enclosed units are similar to shaftway models for higher rises but come with a pre-fabricated shaftway enclosure with integrated doors or gates. We offer options such as fitting your enclosed VLL with a dome to make it comfortable to use outdoors during inclement weather.

In most commercial VPL applications travel distance is higher, but there is a wide variety of VPL options for rises under 6’.

Commercial Vertical Platform Lift Gallery

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