Vacuum Elevators Requiring No Shaft

The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) offers a full transparent panoramic view without any obstructing cables or pistons. The PVE is a self-supporting structure that simply rests on the floor. Installing a PVE is much easier than a Traditional Cab Elevator because there’s no need for excavation of your concrete, construction of a hoistway or machine room. The footprint in minimal.

Eco Friendly Elevator

The PVE is the greenest elevator in the industry and at Home Elevator of Houston you will have at your disposal three sizes  ranging from a single passenger 30”,  two passenger 37” with optional fold-down seat, and a 52” Elevator with three  passenger   capacity  and wheelchair accessibility.

Why choose a Vacuum Elevator?

  • Compact Design:  It can be placed virtually anywhere within a climate-controlled area utilizing a 360 degree panoramic view.
  • Safe:  Vacuum Elevators can’t free-fall. During power outage the vacuum elevator will either sit where it is, or if by chance you’re in it will descend to the bottom floor automatically.
  • Energy Efficient:  Zero energy consumption during descent.
  • Price and Value:  No need for excavation costs while adding resale value to your existing home.

Talk to Our Experts in Vacuum Elevators

Visit our showroom and  experience riding in a Vacuum Elevator. Calls us at (713) 360-7353 if you have further questions.

Getting a vacuum elevator in your home

Adding a home elevator to your existing home or including it in your new home construction plans can be a difficult task.  The professionals at Home Elevator of Houston can simply the whole process.  With our years of experience and resources, we can work with you and your contractors to ensure that installing your home elevator is a pleasant experience and one you will enjoy for years to come.

Vacuum Elevator Elevator Media Gallery

The major advantages other than the obvious, is being able to get heavy loads up and down with minimal effort. Luggage, ladders, small pieces of furniture, etc., can now be moved together with my bulk, which has been a problem with bad knees. It can be considered a boon for my wife, who with her COPD and Osteo- arthritis, who can take advantage of the seat.

John Parente