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Exterior residential elevators

Talk with our home elevator experts about outdoor elevator options your multi-story home. We have many options including traditional elevators with top quality shaft construction matching your home’s architecture as well as compact vacuum elevators that may fit inside your home easily especially with the option to mount the machinery outdoors.

Add safety, comfort, and value to your home without sacrificing interior space and architecture.

Outdoor Residential Elevators

We offer mobility options that fit any home and the needs of its residents. Exterior elevators for homes often is the best choice for the following reasons:

  • Desire to maintain interior architecture and aesthetic.
  • Lack of open area inside home to install the elevator.
  • Inability to penetrate floor structure due to ducting, wiring, or other engineering reasons.
  • Other structural reasons that modifying the interior structure are not appealing or possible.

Traditional Elevator with Exterior Shaft Construction

Choosing to construct an exterior elevator shaft saves interior room and preserves the architecture of the home’s interior spaces.

You may choose to place all elevator landing doors on the inside of the home or add a convenient exterior door which is often selected when the elevator is located near the parking or garage area.

No matter the reason that you choose an exterior shaft to install your elevator, you will be pleased with the outcome. Your project manager will carefully source materials that match your home’s architecture.

The new construction components will match the quality of your home. Once completed, the shaft will look like it has always been there.

framing of an exterior residential elevator shaft on a brick home
completed exterior residential elevator shaft clad in brick and masonry that perfectly match the original

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Installed Outdoors

pve installation on a 2-story porch with glass enclosure
exterior installation of a vacuum elevator on an enclosed porch

Most often, the compact footprint of PVE elevators make installing it inside the home quite easy and convenient. But with extra construction of an exterior structure, most often a glass enclosure, your vacuum elevator can be install outside your home.

This has advantages in that it does not take up any interior space except that the landings inside the home must be clear for entry and exit into the elevators. It also places most of the elevator noise that all elevators have outside the home.

But, because of the additional exterior construction of an enclosure and connections to the interior, it does increase construction costs and the time it takes to install a PVE for your home use.

Outdoor Vacuum Elevator Installation

Ingenious vacuum elevators are compact, even the larger wheelchair elevator, PVE 52. They are also cost-effective and easy to install so they are a great option to consider for your outdoor elevator project.

Like traditional elevators, though vacuum elevators are stand-alone units, they do require protection from the weather.

Perhaps adding to a multi-story porch will work for your home’s architecture. If not, building a separate structure is possible.

outdoor vacuum elevator

Vacuum Elevator with Exterior Mounted Machinery

One final option that is a bit of a hybrid is utilizing a vacuum elevator and mounting its pump machinery outdoors. The vacuum elevator may be installed in an existing interior space because it is freestanding and requires no shaft or pit construction. Installing the pump machinery outdoors is an option when there is not adequate attic space.

There are numerous options for installing vacuum elevators including building an exterior shaft for it, but that option will be more costly and usually not required.

Often, the vacuum elevator is a solution that eliminates the need to consider any exterior construction because it is compact and requires no space-gobbling shaft. Explore the many locations for installing a home elevator.

Let’s Talk About Your Outdoor Residential Elevator Needs.

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