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Commercial LULA Elevators

commercial lula elevators

Commercial LULA elevators, or limited-use/limited-application elevators, offer a lot of functionality and safety for your building’s visitors. Often LULA elevators are a far superior solution to wheelchair lifts.

Does your low-rise building fits the LULA guidelines?

  • Fewer than 30 cycles of use a day are anticipated
  • Vertical travel limit of 24′ with typically 3 stops
  • Weight capacity of 1,400 pounds.

If your building would benefit from an elevator that meets ASME A17.1 Section 5.2 and the specifications of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), a commercial LULA elevator is an excellent mobility solution for your tenants and visitors.

LULA Elevators Solve Accessibility Issues

LULA elevators deliver accessible commercial buildings. They increase safety and speed access for those with mobility issues whether a wheelchair user or someone who temporarily cannot use stairs due to a injury.

Economical Accessibility for Low-Rise Commercial Buildings

LULA elevators deliver functionality and appearance of high-rise elevators, but their lower travel distances and weight capacities permit more affordable construction requirements. For LULA elevators, the hoistway can be made of wood instead of steel-enforced concrete.

LULA elevators require less maintenance than full commercial elevators required for high-rise commercial buildings.

LULA Planning Guides
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Comparing LULA Elevators to Wheelchair Lifts

Many commercial building owners and designers opt frequently for wheelchair lifts to meet the ADA requirements or mobility solutions for non-ADA buildings. But the many benefits of a LULA elevator, when properly considered, often outweigh the savings from opting for a somewhat less expensive wheelchair lift.

LULA elevators are superior to wheelchair lifts in that they:

  • travel more quickly
  • take up less floor space
  • many style selections are available that add to the value and attractiveness of the building
  • are more intuitively operated
  • are enclosed offering a wider variety of mobility-impaired people a sense of security and actually being safer.
LULA Elevators vs Wheelchair Lifts

Summary of Benefits of LULA Elevators

  • Convenient for wheelchair users and others with permanent and temporary mobility issues
  • LULA elevator controls are familiar to most people as they resemble more expensive high-rise elevators
  • Less maintenance needed than full commercial elevators
  • Cost-effective (compared to standard commercial elevators)
  • ADA-Compliant as it relates to handicap access for commercial buildings

Our LULA elevator experts can help you as the building owner or commercial space designer determine if the low-rise building qualifies for installation of an affordable lightweight commercial elevator

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We look forward to seeing you in our Houston elevator showroom to experience our LULA elevator technology. Our LULA experts will answer all your questions and visit your building onsite so we can with a free, no-obligation quote. Call (713) 360 7353.

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