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Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts (IPLs) merge the best attributes of vertical platform lifts  and stairlifts to transport wheelchair users along the incline of one set of stairs. Between uses, the lift folds up and away, offering easy access to the stairs leaving no obstacles to maneuver around. IPLs are available in packages that meet ADA Compliance. They are an excellent mobility solution where there are available space issues in a building’s situation where an elevator or vertical platform lift are not practical. IPLs can be installed in a home if there is enough clearance. Durable materials make these IPLs work in exterior or interior applications.

The IPL traverses a single flight of stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Selecting the correct IPL model depends on many factors such as whether the lift goes over a straight flight of stairs or has curves and if it has intermediate landings. Other considerations are how often the IPL will be utilized and various clearance requirements for landings and overhead areas.

Talk to Our Experts in ADA-Compliant Platform Lifts

Visit our Houston showroom for platform lifts to experience an inclined platform lift for yourself. Call us at (713) 360-7353 with all your questions.

incline platform wheelchair lift that traverses stairs complies with ada
wheelchair user descended staircase in inclined platform lift

Commercial ADA Inclined Platform Lifts

Our inclined lifts come in multiple platform sizes and ADA-compliant packages are available.

Our commercial inclined platform lifts offer carrying capacities up to 660 lbs. IPLs can be used outdoors but in moderate climates, not recommended for extreme temperatures or salt air. Our IPLs are designed with safety in mind:

  • Constant pressure buttons used to operate platform movement
  • Non-skid platform with side safety flaps
  • Power folding safety arms
  • Sensor system on the platform
  • Over-speed governor
  • Battery backup for operation during power outage
  • Manual lowering device
  • Keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button.

Get your questions answered to ensure your IPL suits the needs of your building’s visitors and tenants.

Benefits of Commercial Platform Lifts

  • Low space requirements
  • Simple to use
  • Solves mobility problems with minimal construction
  • Foldaway design saves space and reduces tripping hazards
  • Lower cost alternative to a LU/LA elevator
  • Enclosed platform offers security and user comfort
  • No machine room
  • Can be customized for stairs with curves and intermediate landings
  • Meets ADA requirements.

Commercial ADA-Compliant Inclined Platform Lift Gallery

I was very satisfied with Home Elevator of Houston. Jay, the owner, saw to it that all aspects of the design were coordinated with the builder. In the end, any issues that arose while fine-tuning the elevator, were promptly corrected and the result has been an elevator with no issues and flawless operation. Best Regards,

Marco Echeverria