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Small Elevators for Homes, Lots of Choices

pve installation on a top landing of a home that shows vacuum elevators are small elevators for homes that leave more usable living and storage space after installation

Are you looking for small elevators for homes to save space, money, both? We have options that suit every multi-story home and every family’s mobility needs. Our certified aging-in-place specialists can help understand each of these options, how they will work in your home, and their costs.

During an in-home elevator consultation, we can answer all your questions and help you consider points you may not have considered. We work with home elevator buyers every day so we know the important considerations to think about while deciding on an elevator.

Which Small Elevator Option is Right for Your Home?

Home elevators are lasting investments that, once installed, are difficult and costly to upgrade to a larger unit. Finding a mini-elevator that suits your mobility needs and saves you money now AND in the future is important.

Unfortunately, most people with mobility issues will have increased needs for assistance as they age. This fact should be considered while planning mobility solutions for your home. For example, today, the smallest residential elevator may work perfectly for you if it is being used to avoid climbing stairs to increase safety or eliminate pain. But if your health further declines, you may need assistance of a caretaker (a second person in the elevator) or need to use a wheelchair. If you chose the smallest elevator available, you may find the once-perfect solution no longer works for your situation.  But the good news is that we have multiple options that accommodate varying carrying capacities that still take up substantially less space in your home.

Our Small Home Elevator Options

Our shaftless pneumatic vacuum elevators (PVE) are our smallest residential elevator options. Even our largest PVE elevator that accommodates a wheelchair or 3 people takes up less space in your home than a traditional elevator because no shaft or machine room is required. We offer the following small home elevator models, in order of smallest to largest.

PVE 30”

The PVE30 is the smallest elevator in the world. Though compact, for your peace of mind, it has all the safety features you would expect in an elevator from backup battery power for interior lights and lowering to an alarm and phone inside the elevator car for use in emergencies. Key facts about this small personal elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 30”
  • Door opening: 20”
  • Carrying capacity: 350 lbs., single passenger
pve 30 elevator with white trim and smoked glass installed in a second story bedroom of an Austin Texas residence

PVE 37”

The PVE37 is slightly larger than the PVE30, but still quite compact taking up very little room in your home. Often a corner of a room is the perfect place for installation that does not reduce useful space or visual space. With a slight step up in investment, the PVE37 gives more flexibility with space for an additional passenger. Key facts about this small residential elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 37”
  • Door opening: 20½”
  • Carrying capacity: 450 lbs., two passengers

PVE 52”

The PVE52 is our largest vacuum elevator offering complete flexibility accommodating the mobility needs for most residential use. This larger PVE remains surprisingly compact compared to traditional elevators with shafts while offering larger interior dimensions and carrying capacities. Key facts about this small home elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 52-11/16”
  • Door opening: 32”
  • Carrying capacity: 525 lbs., three passengers or two passengers with a wheelchair

We understand inviting a salesperson into your home is not something you look forward to, but you will find our in-home elevator consultations are highly informative and no pressure. While the decision of what small elevator is right for you, our elevator experts can help you explore each option in detail and prompt you to consider things you may not have thought of.
Also, note that in order to give you an accurate quote and help you determine the best installation location and elevator options, an on-site survey is required.

We look forward to an invitation to your home to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote as well as answer all your questions about how a home elevator will fit in your home and serve your mobility needs today and in the future. Call (713) 360 7353.

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