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Pitless Home Elevators

pve52 vacuum elevator in an anodized silver finish in a modern home's atrium entry way

Are you looking for a pitless home elevator hoping to not have to modify your home’s floors and foundation? You have come to the right place!

If installing a traditional hydraulic or traction home elevator, a pre-installation construction project must be undertaken to create a shallow pit in your home’s foundation to enable the elevator car to sit flush with the bottom floor landing. Home elevator pits are usually 8″ to 14″ when finished and the hole is dug further so the proper foundation for the elevator can be poured.

Pitless residential elevators do not require a pit to be dug and concrete foundation poured. Some people choose pitless elevators because their home’s construction does not permit a pit. Others choose it because they want the option to remove the elevator and not have to fill a pit and repair damaged flooring. Pitless home elevators provide a safe and reliable alternative to traditional elevators.

Pitless Home Elevator Installation

PVE vacuum elevators are the easiest solution to avoiding the construction and costs of installing a pit in your home’s foundation. PVE elevators can be installed in as few as 2 days with minimum pre-construction. The PVE elevators are custom-made to your home’s specifications, needed exit/entry configurations, and your decor options. Then your pneumatic elevator is assembled at the factory and operated, then carefully packed and shipped for installation into your home by our elevator technicians.

PVE Installation with Pictures
home elevator installation crew bringing a module of a vacuum elevator into a home for installation

These full-featured residential elevators simply rest on the bottom floor without damaging the surface. Of course, this means that your floor must be level. But no need for a pit or elevator shaft. And the panoramic glass and cylindrical shape with attractive metal frame in a variety of colors are beautiful. Vacuum elevators offer a great deal of flexibility for the locations you can install your home elevator.

Whether you are installing a home elevator as a senior who wants to age in place, building a luxury home with an elevator, or just wanting an elevator for convenience and safety in your home, a vacuum elevator is the ultimate pitless home elevator. Read our tips on when to invest in a home elevator.

Pitless Home Elevator Benefits

PVE elevators come in a stunning array of color choices to match any decor.

Don’t be confused about through-the-floor (TTF) elevators compared to vacuum elevators. PVE elevators comply with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) elevator safety codes and have commonly expected features such as button control panel, interior lighting, emergency call phone, audible alarm, and so much more.

Plus, PVE elevators are beautiful unlike wheelchair lifts or TTF elevators that look more like “equipment”.

Another benefit of pitless home elevators by PVE is that they do not require a shaft which saves living and storage area in your home. These space-efficient elevators can be configure to travel up to 5 floors.

There are so many reasons to come to our showroom to ride one of these amazing pitless home elevators. See for yourself the many benefits of selecting a vacuum elevator.

lady in wheelchair inside pve elevator using the telephone installed in the cab as required by building codes

Each of the brands of home elevators we install offer off-the-shelf customization choices including luxury upgrades of colors and finishes. But for traditional elevators with interior panels, you have many more options for customizing than with vacuum elevators. In traditional elevators you have a wide choice of customization from wood to tile to mirror to laminates. But, as you can see from the photos of the vacuum elevators for the right homeowner and home, their glass and metal finishes are stunning. The choice is yours.

Another are you can use to add your special touch is the shaft. For traditional elevators,the shafts can be constructed to enable visibility outside the hoistway while traveling in the elevator. This requires additional design and pre-installation construction, but making a home elevator more luxurious is possible whether your style is traditional, transitional, modern, or even futuristic.

Pitless Home Elevator Gallery

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