How to Choose A Home Elevator

The technologies available today gives home owners a wide selection of elevators depending on their needs.  Home elevators is a rising trend as they become more affordable.  They are no longer for the rich or the disabled.  But with all these choices, it can become difficult to decide which system works best for you and your family.

Traditional Elevators

Traditional residential elevators come in three main systems: hydraulic, traction and winding drum.  These types of elevators often require a shaft, pit and machine room to operate.  They can be installed pre-construction which can be planned into the home aesthetic to complete the design or they can be retro-fitted into existing homes.  We can work with you either way to best fit your lifestyle when going with a traditional home elevator.

Vacuum or Air Driven Elevators

For cost and flexibility, it is hard to not like vacuum elevator solutions.  In a retro-fit project, vacuum elevators can be installed in a variety of locations with minimal installation time.  It is typically the more affordable solution as well since they do not need machine rooms, an elevator shaft or pit to operate.  With the variety of design options and 360 degree field of view, it is easy to fit the aesthetic of your home and will add value if and when you sell your home.  They range from single passenger to three passenger or wheelchair accessible models.

Add Value and Accessibility to Your Home

Whether you need a home elevator because of a disability or just the inherent mobility safety over traditional stairs, residential elevators are becoming more affordable and a nice option to add to your home.  And with the trend of “aging in place,” a home elevator is a great option to add for the future and can be a great selling point if you do decide to sell your home.  It is important that you talk to a licensed and knowledgeable accessibility expert like us at Home Elevator of Houston.  We have decades of experience and can make sure that we give you the right information to make an informed decision.  Also, our professionals will properly install your home elevator for years of convenience and trouble-free operation.

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