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Cheapest Home Elevators

Searching for the cheapest home elevator? You will not find that here, but if you are exploring affordable mobility solutions trying to learn what elevator might work best for you and your home, keep reading.

Least Expensive Vertical Lift Option

The core function of a home elevator is to get you from one level to another. Wheelchair lifts, also known as a vertical platform lifts, are the least expensive elevator-like alternative to raise passengers vertically. When the budget does not permit the installation of a home elevator system, wheelchair lifts can be a safer and more visually appealing option to stair lifts that are mounted on a rail track along a staircase. Depending on the home modifications required to install a platform lift, costs can be 40-50% less than installation of a residential elevator.

Key Differences Between a Wheelchair Lift and a Home Elevator

The key differences between a wheelchair lift and a home elevator include:

  • A wheelchair lift has no shaft or enclosure. The platform is not a cab that protects you from the edge.
  • A lift requires some education to operate it. It is not difficult, but it is not intuitive like the button-operated, automatic-opening home elevators that operate almost identically to elevators in commercial building.
  • A platform lift installation can appear less aesthetically pleasing. So they are often installed outdoors.

Platform lifts are cost-effective solutions for porch lifts that transfer you a few feet. But many homeowners do not want to install a platform lift inside or face the safety issues of an open platform carrying people unfamiliar with how the lift works, especially at heights of a full floor in a home.

exterior wheelchair lift for home on pier and beam

Investment in a Home Elevator

The cost of our residential elevators varies because of the many variables such as type of elevator unit, best home elevator installation location, preferred designs and options, and pre- and post-construction needs. Learn more about the home elevator prices and when to invest in a residential elevator.

We offer 3 types of elevators for home use:

Traction Home Elevators

The cheapest home elevator we offer is the traction elevator such as the version in the video.

Its modular design can result in faster installation which can save you even more.

In spite of its lower price tag, it is an excellent choice if you expect higher usage such as with a large family.

Hydraulic Home Elevators

Slightly more expensive than traction elevators, the hydraulic elevator is a flexible custom solution that makes sense for some homes and families.

Vacuum Elevators

Though the upfront costs of installing a vacuum elevator may be higher than traditional home elevators, these residential elevators can be the optimal solution for your home. Vacuum elevators are free-standing, self-contained units that come pre-assembled and pre-tested in the factory. They require no space-consuming shaft yet have all the features of commercial elevators such as push button controls automatic doors. Though the units cost more than traditional elevators, vacuum elevator installation saves on construction costs and requires maintenance once every 5 years so often can not only be the best space-saving solution, but also the cheapest elevator for your home and needs.

All our home elevators are installed according to code and inspected by local building inspectors. Their cabs fully enclosed offering security and comfort for its passengers.

Deciding if the Cheapest Home Elevator for You

Below are some additional resources to help you continue your education about why the cheapest home elevator may not be the best value for you. We know it can be confusing, so we suggest you invite our certified aging-in-place specialists to your home to help you understand the best elevator installation locations and options that fit your needs:

We look forward to an invitation to your home to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote as well as answer all your questions about how home elevator pricing and which models will fit in your home and serve your mobility needs today and in the future. Call (713) 360 7353.

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